It was a glorious spring day for Melanie and Sid’s Richoux wedding reception, which followed their Mayfair Library wedding.

Melanie and I had spoken several times since their booking back in September last year and I was very much looking forward to meeting her and Sid and their delightful son, Evan. Evan was their Best Man and not only delivered the rings but also did a wonderful reading (learned by heart) much to the guests’ delight and to tears from Melanie and Sid. An Ordinary Morning by Joyce Grenfell very much set the tone for Melanie and Sid’s special day.

The Marylebone Room at Mayfair Library is very intimate and ideal for smaller wedding groups. Melanie & Sid had invited 12 guests, brothers and their families, aunts and uncles, and two friends. During the ceremony the looks Melanie and Sid gave each other were very touching. From Melanie’s entrance, through to the rings and exchange of vows, their delight was infectious. When the Westminster Registrar announced that they were husband and wife Melanie’s expression was priceless. Sid swept Melanie off her feet as they descended the beautiful Mayfair Library staircase and then they exited the Library to huge cheers and plenty of confetti. Melanie’s expression was classic – pure joy!

In Mount Street Gardens next door to Mayfair Library we did a few family groups before everyone made their way just around the corner to Richoux at 41 South Audley Street. Melanie and Sid stayed behind for a few photographs before joining their guests. They both laugh freely and often and this is very much reflected in their photographs.

The three of us arrived for their Richoux wedding reception and decadent afternoon tea just as the cakes and sandwiches were being delivered by smart French waiting staff.

For Westminster Register Office weddings at the Old Marylebone Town Hall (re-opened January 2018) please visit my Old Marylebone Town Hall page. If you would like to see more Mayfair Library weddings like this one, please visit the Mayfair Library information page.

Melanie arrives in London black cab for her wedding to Sid at Mayfair Library on South Audley Street Bride, Melanie, outside Mayfair Library before her civil wedding ceremony at Marylebone Register Office Groo, Sid, and his son on the steps of Mayfair Library and teh Bride & Groom pose for a photo in front of an iconic red telephone box on South Audley Street Bride outside the Mayfair Room at Mayfair Library and her son entering the Marylebone Room Groom, Sid, watches his bride enter the Marylebone Room at Mayfair Library Melanie enters the Marylebone Room and walks down to aisle to join her husband-to-be for their civil marriage Sid & Melanie greet each other at the start of their Westminster wedding ceremony The Westminster Registrar welcomes the Bride & Groom at the start of their Mayfair Library wedding ceremony The bride & groom's son does a reading, learnt by heart, to the guests at melanie & Sid's wedding Bride & Groom exchange vows in the Marylebone Room of Mayfair Library, the Marylebone Registry Office The best man hands over teh rings during this Westminster civil wedding ceremony Bride and Groom excahnge rings at Mayfair Library Bride smiles with glee when their marriage is official in Mayfair Library, Westminster, London Sealed with a kiss - a civil marriage ceremony in London's Mayfair Library The official signing of the Register at Mayfair Library The Registrar hands over the marriage licence in Mayfair Library Bride & groom walk back the aisle in the Marylebone Room of Mayfair Library as husband and wife A bride & groom kiss on the steps of Mayfair Library, the current Marylebone Register Office Richoux Wedding Reception and teh Bride & Groom exit Mayfair Library on South Audley Street through a hail of confetti looking so happy to married Family pose for wedding photogrpahs in Mount Street Gardens after their civil wedding in next door Mayfair Library A family wedding photogrpah taken in Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair Friends celebrate a wedding at Mayfair Library Bride & groom outside Farm Street Church in London's Mayfair Bride & Groom pose for wedding photogrpahs outside Farm Street Church after their civil wedding at nearby Mayfair Library Bride & Groom photogrpahed by photographer Emma Duggan Bride & groom laughing after their Marylebone wedding Bride & groom celebrate their Mayfair Library wedding in Mount Street Gardens Bride & groom after their spring wedding in Mayfair Library Bride & groom in Mount Street Gardens with pretty tulips signifying spring Richoux Wedding Reception - a bride & groom pose for photogrpaher Emma Duggan in Mount Street Gardens after their Mayfair Library wedding Richoux Wedding Reception - bride & groom outside their wedding reception venue, Richoux in London's Mayfair Guests celebrate wedding reception in Richoux, South Audley Street, Mayfair, London with a delicious tea wedding breakfast