Westminster Room wedding photography at Old Marylebone Town Hall is always a treat. Dannielle and Amber chose this elegant and impressive room for their early evening October wedding ceremony and were joined by nearly 100 guests.

Danielle arrived first and we did photos of her with her family. Since it was dusk the photos have an elegant soft, cool-tone finish. We ensured that Danielle was safely inside the building and then – right on cue – Amber arrived with her family. I took her family photos and then everyone made their way to the Westminster Room.

The Ceremony

Alex and Hannah – the two maids of honour – walked in first, followed by Danielle and her mother. And then the big reveal as Amber walked in with her father. Smiles and tears (not just from Danielle) came from all corners of the room. It was such an emotional moment.

Throughout the ceremony the girls smiled and giggled along with their guests. They shared their vows and exchanged rings, expertly delivered by Noah. Registrar Paul announced that they were ‘wife’ and ‘wife’ and the room erupted into applause.

Confetti and Couple Photographs

All 100 guests made their way outside and the girls walk out under a hail of confetti. I took a photo of everyone and then two groups – Danielle with her best friends, and Amber with hers.

Everyone made their way to their evening reception and the three of us went back inside the building for their couple photos. Danielle and Amber looked sensational on the balcony opposite the Westminster Room. We used the corridor, balcony, staircase, and lobby for their 15-minute photo session. Their dresses complimented each other beautifully.

client testimonial for emma duggan photography by danielle and amber - westminster room wedding photography

Westminster Room wedding photography details

Ceremony venue – Old Marylebone Town Hall, Westminster Room
Danielle’s dress – WED2B
Danielle’s tiara – borrowed from a friend
Amber’s dress – WED2B

If you are getting married near or after dusk scroll down to the end of the photographs below for advice about photography on your day. For more information about photography at Marylebone Registry Office please see my Old Marylebone Town Hall page.

To book your wedding at Marylebone check out their website A Day To Remember London.

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Autumn Weddings and Daylight

If you would like to understand how the light will affect your Autumn wedding in London, then read on.

Danielle and Amber chose a 5pm ceremony time which meant that the light was low by the time they walked out as wife and wife. After their confetti throw and groups it was past 6pm (and almost dark) so we did their couple photos back inside the Town Hall. We planned this in advance and obtained written permission from the Registrars at Westminster Register Office. Because there were weddings still taking place, we were given the go ahead to do this.

If you are the last wedding, the Ushers close the doors once you are outside for your confetti shot. If that’s the case, they will not let you back in again.

If it’s going to be dark when you come out onto the steps you can either have your couple photos taken:

  1. Before your ceremony, or
  2. After your ceremony back inside Old Marylebone Town Hall*, or
  3. At your drinks / evening reception venue

*You will need permission in writing from the Registrar in advance and you should share this with your photographer (so that the Ushers on duty can see that permission has been given).

To see when sunset will be on your day do visit https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/uk/london and scroll down to use their drop down menu.

If you are unsure please call me on 01342 811631.