The Paddington Room wedding photography for Emma and Sarah’s special day was a delight from start to finish. They stayed at my favourite local restaurant, the Grazing Goat, just a 12-minute walk from Old Marylebone Town Hall.

They were super organised and collected their flowers from Titania’s Garden on the way to their ceremony. Stunning bouquets with deep, mid, and pale pink roses and peonies combined with creams and greens. Their Ghost outfits suited them both beautifully – exquisite fabric in soft colours. The overall effect worked perfectly in the wood panelled Paddington Room.

To Etta James ‘At Last’ Emma and Sarah entered the Paddington Room together. They shared a very personal ceremony. Readings were delivered by their two guests and witnesses. Tom read Emily Dickinson’s poem, ‘Of all the souls that stand create’, and Les, ‘I will love you forever…’ from The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman.

Their vow and ring exchanges were followed by the Registrar announcing that they were ‘wife’ and ‘wife’. Their expressions where utterly brilliant. Emma and Sarah even shared an impromptu dance to Stephanie Mills ‘Never Knew Love Like This Before’ while the guys signed the register.

Once they received their wedding certificate a Westminster Usher walked in with a tray of champagne. One of the best things about marrying mid-week is the first toast option. Champagne or prosecco served straight after your ceremony. It allows more time to appreciate your ceremony room.

After their drinks reception, Emma and Sarah left the Paddington Room and surprised me by running along the corridor. How I managed to get the shot when I was laughing so much…?! It was an absolute joy to photograph such an upbeat, happy, and fun couple.

emma and sarah's client testimonial for emma duggan photography - paddington room wedding photography

For more details on this room please see my Paddington Room page. And for more general information on marrying at the Marylebone Registry Office please see my Old Marylebone Town Hall page.

Paddington Room wedding photography details

Ceremony venue – Old Marylebone Town Hall (Paddington Room)
Brides outfits – Ghost
Flowers – Titania’s Garden
Hair – Daniel Galvin
Confetti – Shropshire Petals
Stayed – Grazing Goat

old marylebone town hall on marylebone road near baker street with fluted columns and autumn leaves emma and sarah brides under the fluted coloumns at westminster registry office (elopement wedding photography by emma duggan) two brides with flowers from titania's garden in marylebone wearing ghost outfits pose before their paddington room wedding a day to remember westminster register office is a stunning city wedding venue with beautiful light falling on two brides before their civil wedding ceremony brides sarah and emma with stunning flowers by titania's garden in marylebone pose under the pretty fluted columns at westminster council house bride sarah kisses her wife to be emma under the fluted columns at a day to remember westminster an elopement at old marylebone town hall with two brides and their two guests and witnesses with flowers by titania's garden lgbt wedding in the paddington room at old marylebone town hall with two brides wearing gorgeous ghost outfits guest reading i will love you forever the amber spyglass phillip pullman in the paddington room at old marylebone town hall watched by brides sarah and emma stunning flowers by titanias garden in marylebone and two rings for the two beautiful brides in marylebone registry office's paddington ceremony room bride sarah places the ring on emma's finger after their wedding vows in marylebone's paddington room guests clapping in the paddington room once brides emma and sarah are announced as wife and wife sarah and emma are thrilled to be wife and wife in the paddington room during their westminster registry office wedding two brides with their two witnesses pose during the signing of the marriage register after their paddington room ceremony brides posing with the register in the paddington room with their stunning tatiana's garden flowers (perfect covid-19 social distancing city wedding venue in london) two guests in the paddington room holding the two brides bouquets from tatanias garden in marylebone sarah and emma smiling and holding their marriage certificate in the paddington room paddington room first toast option and champagne at a day to remember westminster a luxury london wedding venue first toast option and paddington room wedding photography at old marylebone town hall showing two brides and their two witnesses for their westminster registry office elopement two brides kissing outside the paddington room on the second floor ceremony room level at old marylebone town hall old marylebone town hall wedding photographer captures two brides running along the corrridor after their paddington room ceremony two guests in the soho room at old marylebone town hall on the wonderful navy velvet sofa two brides relaxing on the navy velvet sofa in the soho room at marylebone register office the stairs at old marylebone town hall with two brides having a quiet moment after their paddington room ceremony two brides in the lobby at old marylebone town hall sitting on aubergine velvet archairs holding flowers from titainias garden guests outside old marylebone town hall with folded arms in front of one of the two stone lions confetti from shropshire petals throw by guests over two brides leaving old marylebone town hall two brides wearing outfits from ghost and holding flowers by titanias garden celebrate with confetti after their paddington room elopement civil ceremony