When Rowan first contacted me about her wedding in the Marylebone Room Westminster, I just knew that I was going to love her wedding. Lloyd has two adorable daughters who were brilliant fun from the very first ‘hello’. They were charming, had loads of energy and clearly loved being such an important part of Lloyd and Rowan’s day.

Rowan was nearing the end of her pregnancy so I was very excited about her dress. We had discussed a dress that I had seen and photographed last year and she already had her eye on a dress from the same shop. It was the most perfect Spring maternity dress. Elegant and stylish, in silk chiffon which hung beautifully, a very pretty champagne and cream polka dot dress that perfectly suited the day. She looked wonderful. I can highly recommend Seraphine for really lovely maternity wedding dresses.

At the start of the ceremony, the girls entered the Marylebone Room first, with big smiles at their Dad. Rowan followed, accompanied by her two brothers, who had travelled from the North-East. The girls were in charge of the rings and a very touching and funny reading about how great Rowan is (all the fab things she lets them do!) Rowan and Lloyd and all of their families laughed and smiled throughout the ceremony. Afterwards everyone did a great job with the confetti, pretty much covering Rowan and Lloyd from top to toe.

We did a few photos before heading across the road to the Audley on Mount Street for a well-deserved drink. Rowan and Lloyd had some relaxed bride and groom portraits in Mount Street Gardens, to mark their special day.

If you would like to see more weddings like this one, please visit the Mayfair Library information page. If you have booked at the newly re-opened Old Marylebone Town Hall have a look at my Marylebone page here.

Rowan and her family arriving for their Westminster Register Office wedding on South Audley Street Bride and her brothers walk down the aisle in the Marylebone Room at Westminster Reginster Office inside Mayfair Library Bride & Groom giggling during very funny reading by Groom's eldest daughter at Mayfair Library Bridesmaid reading during Westminster Register Office wedding Bride & Groom exchange vows in Marylebone Room of Mayfair Library Groom's daughters look on as their Dad marries at Westminster Register Office Bride & Groom seal their marriage with a kiss inside Mayfair Libary Westminster Registrar hands over wedding license to Bride & Groom in Marylebone Room at Westminster Register Office, Mayfair Library Marylebone Room Westminster Register Office Guests congratulate Bride & Groom inside Westminster Register Office Bride & Groom and their children in Mayfair Libary pose for a group photographA bride and groom kiss after their ceremony at the Marylebone Room Westminster. They went to Mount Street Gardens next door for their wedding photos afterwards. Marylebone Room Westminster Register Office. Guests throw confetti over the bride and groom as they descent the Mayfair Library stairs, one of Westminster City Council's civil marriage venues. The confetti clean up outside Mayfair Library Westminster, where the bride and groom are being congratulated by their guests. A well-earned drink in the Audley, Mount Street to celebrate Westminster wedding Bride & Groom outside Purdey Guns missing their gorgeous German Pointer dog at home A lovely way to keep a special person close to you during your wedding is via a tiny silver framed photograph hung from your wedding bouquet Bride & Groom outside the Connaught and in Mount Street Gardens Spring in Mount Street Gardens with pretty cream tulips and a stylish Bride & Groom Marylebone Room Westminster Register Office. Bride & Groom celebrate their marriage Bride & Groom in Mount Street Gardens in Mayfair after their wedding Bride & Groom giggling at passers-by wishing them luck after their Westminster Register Office wedding Marylebone Room Westminster Register Office. A Bride & Groom celebrate tehir London wedding next to a traditional red telephone box. I love how the Bride is hiding their kiss!