When Ben and Mari asked me to photograph their Fulham Palace wedding I was delighted. I had last visited three years ago for a really memorable wedding so I have a very soft spot for Fulham Palace.

Three years ago the botanical walled garden was two thirds archaeological dig and one third newly planted beds so was off limits. I arrived early to have a look around and was delighted to find the orchard and tree lined pathways restored and the planted beds now hip height. Although not the best of days weather-wise I am so pleased that Ben and Mari were happy to go to the walled garden as it made for stunning backdrops to their photographs. Luckily I brought my scruffy Sorel boots along which were handy both during my recce and also loaned to Mari on her way between the Palace and the botanical garden. The shot of them walking across the lawn was definitely a favourite.

Ben and Mari invited just family to their celebration and of course their two small children who featured both during the ceremonies and in the charming handwritten place names. In total there were 28 guests and the Bishop Terrick’s Drawing Room was perfectly suited for that number. The room looked stunning for both the civil ceremony and then for the wedding breakfast. The flowers were so pretty and effective – roses, freesias, daisies, chrysanthemums and trailing ivy – all brought to life with plenty of tea lights in frosted glasses.

At the end of the ceremony the Hammersmith and Fulham Registrar had everyone in stitches as she handed the marriage certificate to Mari. The Reverend Chris Eyden from All Saints’ Church Putney spoke beautifully during the blessing ceremony in the Victorian Tait Chapel. Chloe Goreham from Bovingdons Catering handled everything with charm and professionalism. The guitarist Peter Black sounded wonderful in the Bishop Terrick’s rooms both during the ceremony and reception. Sopranos Katy Thompson & Sarah Baillie sang a stunning aria during the blessing which sounded so beautiful in the Tait Chapel – it really was a privilege to hear them. And finally Fulham Palace itself looked wonderful in the Autumn colours.

The whole afternoon was filled with so much joy and love and everyone was so supportive. The four speeches in particular went down brilliantly – plenty of tears and laughter throughout. The children were all brilliant fun (and utterly charming) and I loved photographing their experience of the day. Ben and Mari were a delight to work with and I loved Mari’s dress. It looked great from any angle but I do have a soft spot for the shot of her walking away in the orchard. I love how the little roses in her hair lead you down to the lace top, the buttons, the bow, and finally the elegant silk shoes.

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Fulham Palace view from the south lawn through the Autumn trees Historic Fulham Palace in west London looking through the wooden entrance gate and into the courtyard with the clock tower and fountain visible A wedding coordinator at Fulham Palace pins the button hole flower onto the Groom before his civil wedding ceremony Fulham Palace's Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room with feature bookcase and marble fireplace all decorated with flowers in creams and greens along with tealights. This is how the room looks laif out for a civil wedding ceremony for 30 guests The bookcase in the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room is an ideal space to fit floral arrangements, in this case pretty creams, whites and greens including trailing ivy in mis-matches glass vases and jam jars along with electric tealights The view from the back of the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room set up for a civil marriage ceremony at Fulham Palace Bride, her father and bridesmaid arrive at Fulham Palace for an Autumn wedding The bride meets the Registrar from Hammersmith and Fulham Register Office in the lobby of Fulham Palace just before her civil wedding The brides' father and daughter watch as the bride completes the marriage certificate ahead of her Fulham Palace wedding Fulham Palace Wedding Photography - guitarist Peter Black plays a classical piece for the bride's entrance into the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room at Fulham Palace with the bookcase behind him decorated with flowers and candles The bride enters the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room with her father at the start of this intimate Fulham Palace civil ceremony The bride and groom smile at each other at the start of their Fulham Palace wedding Vows and ring exchange in the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room at Fulham Palace Bride & groom kiss to celebrate their Fulham Palace wedding Signing of the register at Fulham Palace The Registrar from Hammersmith and fulham Register Office makes the bride and groom laugh at teh end of thier Fulham Palace civil ceremony The Hammersmith & Fulham Registry Office registrar makes teh bride laugh as she hands her the marriage certificate The bride and groom kiss before leaving the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room at Fulham Palace Two sopranos sign at the entrance of the bride and groom to the victorian tait chapel at Fulham Palace for a marriage blessing by the vicar at All saint's putney Fulham Palace Wedding Photography -bride and groom enter the tait chapel at fulham palace to have their civil marriage blessed by the vicar from local church All Saint's Putney Bride & groom smile during their Fulham Palace blessing ceremony The view from the back of the victorian chapel at Fulham Palace duing a marriage blessing The bride and groom listening to two sopranos singing during ther Fulham Palace blessing ceremony The bride and groom's son decides to have a wander duing his parents blessing at Fulham Palace Rev Chris Eyden addresses the guests during Mari & Ben's chapel blessing at Fulham Palace While the bride and groom receive a blessing in Fulham Palce's Tait Chapel a little girl looks back over the pew - so adorable! Bride and groom in the cooridor outside Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room and on the red staircase at Fulham Palace to celebrate their wedding The ancient botanical walled garden at Fulham Palace is great for bride and groom couple portraits Bride and groom in the knotted garden at Fulham Palace Fulham Palace Wedding Photography - the ancient orchard in Fulham Palace's walled garden makes a great backdrop for wedding photographs, especially with teh Autumn colours Bride & groom in the garden at Fulham Palace Bride walks through orchard at Fulham Palace so that you can see the buttons and bow detial in her full length wedding dress Fulham Palace Wedding Photography - the happy couple walking across the lawn at Fulham Palace, the bride wearing the photographer's very old and scruffy sorel boots The Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room laid for a wedding breakfast for 30 guests at Fulham Palace The tall shuttered windows in the Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room at Fulham Palace look so pretty as a backdrop to a wedding breakfast Table names by the bride and groom's daughter - thoroughly original and charming! Table setting for a Fulham Palace wedding breakfast The groom during his wedding speech in Bishop Terrick's Drawing Room Guests laughing during Fulham Palace speeches Bride laughing as her husband makes as joke during his speech Bride's speech at Fulham Palace Best Man's speech at Fulham Palace, on the Bishop's Road Bride & groom react to best man's wedding speech at Fulham Palce